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Salty Panda - Your T-shirt And Travel Buddy

by Salty Panda
Salty Panda - Your T-shirt And Travel Buddy

Since 2020, we have created quality custom apparel for incredible clients, including gyms, churches, families, local businesses, and people having a good time. We started that service to provide quality custom products at affordable prices. One of the best things was seeing people's smiles when they saw their visions come to life.

In 2023, we decided to change things and start our brand Salty Panda. We've always been travelers at heart. Whether it is a long weekend just a few hours away or a quick flight to a Caribbean Island, we always encountered one issue. There was never just one shop that contained the critical travel accessories. We would spend forever searching and going from one shop to another only to get subpar products. This wasted so much time. Even on the big retail sites, there wasn't just one online store with all we needed.

Simple things, from looking for a nice compact towel to a quality waterproof phone case, would be time-consuming. We thought, why isn't there a store where we can buy the essentials we need and know they will work and last?  There wasn't one, so we've decided to make it. 

Starting this year, 2024, we will introduce high-quality products everyone can use and rely on in one straightforward shop. We'll also keep designing the apparel because who doesn't love a fantastic, comfy shirt? 

We aim to be the place to go for travel and vacation needs. Whether it's a quality sand-free towel, a reliable waterproof phone case, or awesome beach accessories, we want to be your go-to spot. Whether you are headed out for a weekend camping trip, a beach vacation, or a cruise, our goal is to be your T-shirt and Travel Buddy.

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